Causes of Acidity

Acidity causes can be due to multiple reasons. All you need to do is to identify the actual cause and start with the ayurvedic treatment without any delay. Acidity is the most common problem that hinders the quality of life of millions of people across the globe. Very few of them realize that unhealthy eating habits and poor lifestyle is responsible for their condition. Physical along with emotional stress, obesity, bad eating habits, sedentary lifestyle along with acidity form a vicious cycle. So, the best way to treat your acidity is by making changes in your eating habits, lifestyle modifications along with ayurvedic medication which shows no side-effects.

Acidity is a condition in which there is a remarkable increase in the gastric acid secretion and there is no food present in the stomach for digestion. Gastric acid constitutes of proteolytic enzymes and concentrated HCL. However, there is a layer present over the wall of the stomach. It prevents the stomach from getting digested itself by its enzymes. Due to prolonged starving and various other conditions, the HCL acts on the walls which leads to a burning sensation in the upper abdominal and lower thoracic region along with nauseousness. This causes acidity.Acidity is not itself a disease but it is a condition which is mainly due to multiple factors

The most common cause include unhealthy eating habits and little to almost no exercise. If not treated properly, it can give rise to serious medical conditions which include chronic acidity along with stomach or esophagus cancer

Some of the common acidity causes can be seen below:-

Stress: Hectic lifestyle and stress can lead to unhealthy or irregular meals, none of which is good for your digestion and may cause you acidity.

Excess acid production: Excess production of acid by the gastric glands causes acidity of the stomach.

Excessive intake of coffee and tea: If you are coffee or tea lover, limit your intake.

Spicy Food: No one wants to live a life that is all bland. Still, when you consume fatty or spicy food it may increase your risk of acidity.

Alcohol: Drinking too much liquor could also be the culprit behind your acidity.

Certain medications: Side effects of certain medicines.

Excessive gap: An excessive gap between waking up and breakfast.

Junk food: When you miss your meal and binge on junk food to make up for it can also lead to high levels of acidity.