gerd complications

GERD Complication

GERD Complication

Aggravation of GERD complication is easily seen in various conditions. People used to experience GERD  symptoms more noticeable at night. The reason behind this includes lying flat in beds, eating heavy meals within hours of bedtime, and not allowing the digestive system enough time to process this overload. Then they lie down, expecting to sleep, and again, gravity presents a problem because of their GERD.

Midnight is often the time for a big surge in stomach acid secretion. At that time most people are lying down, making the reflux even worse.

Under the following condition, the GERD complication increases. The following conditions include: –

Anxiety, Distress, or Depression, when combined, aggravates GERD Complication 

Some people worry about personal or work problems as they lie in bed. Sometimes as you begin to fixate on them, these problems can look very large in your mind. The emotions you feel can affect your digestion. Anxiety and stress increase the level of acid secretions, while at the same time they relax the lower esophageal sphincter, making it more ineffective – sort of like lying down on the job.

You have to keep this in mind that the solution to these issues will occur. This will occur while you have agitation and you are overtiring. Whereas, the answer to your problem will come while you are resting. Sometimes it might come to you while you are in deep sleep.

If anxiety or depression continues unabated or becomes worse, consult your physician. The Ayurvedic treatment for depression at Vedas Cure will help you a lot to cope out with this.

Consumption of caffeine or Alcohol may aggravate GERD Complication 

Those two to three cups of coffee or that caffeinated soft drink that you had at 9 P.M. may be the key contributor in keeping you awake as you lie in your bed at midnight. Although most people don’t realize it, caffeine can still be in your system four to six hours after you consume it. Caffeine can easily aggravate your heartburn. Combine that with the lying-down position and you have a recipe for pain.

Alcohol is also a contributor to sleeping disorders, contrary to what most people believe. When you consume a few drinks you may experience that falling asleep is easier. The reason behind is that alcohol comes under depressant. If you consume more than a glass of wine before bedtime it can make you wake up in the middle of the night and cause you to have serious difficulty in falling back to sleep again. It is also true that, if you are already sleepy, you are more prone to the effect of alcohol, and consequently, a smaller amount than usual for you is likely to cause sedation and intoxication.

If we talk about the problem, alcohol makes GERD much worse. So you could be awake from the alcohol as well as from the heartburn pain which gets precipitated by the alcohol.

Overwork and/or lack of knowledge about the importance of sleep

Many people are so busy in their life that they are willing to cut back on their number of sleep hours just to complete their pending work, important assignments, met a family obligation, or achieve some other goal.

Slowly and gradually you will experience chronic sleep problems. If you will work a lot and do not allow your body to take rest somewhere you will see that your body will feel lethargic and sluggish.

You are a human being, but in many ways, your body can be compared to a machine. If you would force it to constantly work without any maintenance, ultimately your body will feel more lethargic and uneasy. Sleep is the best form of rest and a kind of routine maintenance for your body. Please don’t consider sleep as a waste of time. As, in anyways, it is not a waste of time. Instead of this sleep is an important way to rejuvenate the body.

Let us take a different comparison, let us consider your heart. You must be thinking that our heart used to work all the time. It is not true as each contraction is followed by a relaxation. The relaxation phase. You must be surprised that the relaxation phase is much longer than the contraction phase. Although you don’t have to sleep longer than you stay awake-most adults do well with eight hours of sleep. 7 to 8 hours of sleep is mandatory and you should stick to the allotted time and do not short change yourself when it comes to allowing your body to relax and rejuvenate.

Sleep solutions

Here are some good methods to deal with chronic insomnia: –

  • Reposition your bed.
  • Stop eating three hours before bed and limit the consumption of food.
  • Keep cooler (not cold) temperatures in your bedroom.
  • Keep freshly made bread.
  • Limit nonwater fluids before bedtime.
  • Consider taking sleep medication.
  • Consider using alternative sleep remedies.
  • Lie on your left side.
  • Use your bed only for sleeping.
  • Try to check out the beautiful external environment and spent some time in cool air.

In conclusion, your sleep quotient should be high which will help you to feel much better. However, you need to improve other areas of your life as well; for example, obesity can be a problem for many people with GERD.


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