Some ailments can be easily treated if you follow a strict balanced healthy diet plan and an active lifestyle. GERD is one of them; it is mainly due to digestive disorder. It can be easily recovered with a proper healthy diet, exercise, and a healthy active lifestyle. Your body works appropriately when you eat clean and correct. The moment you start binging on fast food along with ready to eat food, your body starts responding negatively. Here we will discuss the GERD diet menu. A balanced GERD diet chart will help to combat your symptoms very soon. Your GERD diet list must include the following food material: –  

  1. Fiber enriched vegetables: – Vegetables are good for the body. They are loaded with multiple vitamins and minerals. Also, the fiber content in them helps you to stay away from constipation and various stomach related issues. The fiber content in the vegetables helps to facilitate a good bowel movement. Vegetables help reduce the acid content of the stomach. Furthermore, the water content in vegetables makes them the most appropriate for GERD patients.


  2. Oatmeal: – Oatmeal is enriched with good fiber content. It is also responsible for lowering the effect of the gastric acid to the esophagus along with throat and mouth.


  3. Ginger: – Yes, ginger due to its anti-inflammatory property is a superfood for GERD patients. Include it in your GERD diet list; you can use it in your tea, in flavoring curries, in the form of candy and many more. Ginger helps absorb the gastric acid and soothe the nerves. Also, it is effective in treating various symptoms of GERD which includes heartburn and various digestive issues.


  4. Non-citrus fruits: – Various non-citrus fruits which include apples, banana, berries, peaches, melons, pears are proved to be very beneficial. Apples are very helpful in reducing the amount of hydrochloric acid in the stomach. Moreover, they are loaded with fiber content. Fiber is very essential to stay away from any digestive disorder.


  5. Lean meats: – Due to their low-fat content lean meats which include chicken, fish and turkey help reduce the symptoms of acid refluxYour GERD diet list must include lean meats. You can use the best way to cook them which includes boiling, grilled, baked or poached. Salmon is a good source of protein along with omega 3 fatty acid. Omega 3 helps reduce the symptoms of GERD.


  6. Egg whites: – Egg whites are proved to be beneficial to reduce GERD symptoms. Try to avoid egg yolks, as they contain fat and can be harmful if taken in large quantity. However, egg whites are not proved to be beneficial in all cases. In some cases, the symptoms get worse as the air gets traps inside the GI tract. So think before including this food item for your GERD diet plan.
  7. Healthy fats: – Healthy fats are also known as monounsaturated fats. Try to include them in your diet. Some of the sources include avocados, olive oil, variety of nuts and oils. Try to stay away from unhealthy fats which include Trans and saturated fats. Also, they may worsen your symptoms. One another form of fat includes polyunsaturated fats which are obtained from saffron, flaxseed, walnut along with fishes which includes salmon and trout. 

Now we will also discuss the food which you should not include in your menu for GERD diet: – 

Your GERD diet chart should be free of packed and tinned food, ready to eat food along with processed food. They might take very less time to prepare and you can gulp them within seconds, but they do not facilitate any health benefits. For the long run, you might stick to a balanced and healthy diet. They will make you strong and focused from within along with combating the nearby ailments.  

Indeed, every time you cannot ear healthy and plain food. You need some scrumptious and tempting food to binge on your weekends or in some casual outing. Make a proper GERD diet plan and binge accordingly. Like it is said that a little cheat meal never hurts. Limit your intake of cheat meals and you will see the beneficial effects. Your menu for GERD diet should include the right proportion of balanced healthy food with some splashes of scrumptious food. 

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