Gerd and pregnancy

GERD during pregnancy

GERD during pregnancy

As we all know that around 80 percent of women who have GERD during pregnancy experience chronic heartburn during their pregnancies, often in the last trimester. Yes, it is true, you will experience chronic heartburn symptoms in the last trimester. The first trimester was the primary time for problems when many women experience nausea and vomiting. However, if you are in your last part of pregnancy, heartburn is the worst.

When women become pregnant with GERD and if in case they used to experience severe heartburn problems. Women used to think that it is something related to morning sickness that is a very general symptom if you are pregnant. But if in case you start losing your weight and could barely keep down any food you should consult your Ayurvedic doctor very soon.


Along with many other questions, your doctor would certainly ask you about your GERD symptoms during pregnancy. Heartburn is very common among pregnant women. Up to 80 percent of all pregnant women suffer from some nausea and heartburn during part or even most of the pregnancy. Fortunately, although it causes considerable discomfort, heartburn usually does not affect either maternal or the well-being of the fetus. Ayurvedic doctors will manage most of the cases very effectively without any problem.

Now the question arises that what is the reason that so many women pregnant with GERD suffer from heartburn? It is mainly due to the reason that the extra weight gained and is partly a function of the increased levels of female hormones. They are progesterone and estrogen and their actions on the smooth muscle tissue of the woman’s body. Hormones which includes progesterone helps in slowing down the digestion so that the body can more efficiently absorb all nutrients. Unfortunately for the women with severe heartburn, this slowed-down system can increase the incidence and severity of her GERD attacks.

GERD symptoms during pregnancy

According to some study, the frequent GERD symptoms during pregnancy starting at about six weeks from the beginning of the last menstrual cycle. It continues well into the second trimester are more likely to occur among women who are carrying twins or multiples, as well as among women who feel generally run-down. (So, please don’t automatically assume that you are having twin baby if your heartburn is making you crazy!)

For many women with GERD pregnancy, their heartburn symptoms are the most troublesome in the final trimester, when the weight and the activity of the fetus are causing pressure on the stomach, which has the effect of decreasing the efficiency of the lower esophageal sphincter.

However, in most of the GERD symptoms during pregnancy heartburn is common. The heartburn is quite annoying but it usually does not progress to a serious problem. When goes severe, the GERD symptoms during pregnancy need to be treated for the sake of both mother and baby.

A woman has to face lots of challenges while she is pregnant with GERD. So, it is recommended that as soon as you start experiencing GERD symptoms. You need to consult Ayurvedic doctor at Vedas Cure for the best and effective guidance. Get the best treatment for GERD at Vedas Cure. Get rid of your problem and stay away from all the ailment during your pregnancy.


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