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GERD TEST AT VEDAS CURE by going through this article you will easily come to know if you are suffering from GERD. Furthermore, the GERD test will help you to be aware of the problem, Moreover, you can easily get a permanent solution too.

To demonstrate, if you stay alone, away from your parents or used to consume oily and spicy food. If in case, you regularly experience acidity or acid reflux, you might have GERD. GERD TEST AT VEDAS CURE is the medical condition that used to arise when people used to experience acid reflux more frequently. So, now the question arises that how will you come to know that whether you, your loved one, or someone you care a lot may have GERD and need an Ayurvedic treatment. Furthermore, here is a simple two-section test of questions for you to answer. Moreover, by the help of this test, just by answering certain simple questions based on your eating habits along with some basic daily based questions you will be able to know about your current medical condition.

Section One of the GERD Test: –

This section comprises GERD at Vedas cure of certain questions which you have to answer by simply marking Yes or No to the following questions.

  1. I drink more than three cups of coffee or three caffeinated sodas every day. Yes/No
    2. Especially, I frequently eat chocolates. Yes/No
    3. Overall, I drink beer every day. Yes/No
    4. After all, I wear tight-fighting clothes most of the time. Yes/No
    5. In fact, I usually eat big meals. Yes/No
    6. I weigh more than 150 percent of the ideal weight for me. Yes/No
    7. In fact, I go to bed immediately after meals. Yes/No
    8. By all means, I usually have a bedtime snack. Yes/No
    9. I am a smoker. Yes/No
    10. I regularly lift weights or jog more than four times a week. Yes/No

If you have answered yes to any of the four questions in section one, then you should keep an eye on the problem. If your answer is yes to the six or more questions, you are likely to have increased acid reflux and consequently, you are a high-risk candidate for GERD. You need to bring these issues to your doctor’s attention, especially if the problem starts to occur more frequently and even in the case if you experience any of the symptoms discussed earlier.

Section Two: –

  1. Sometimes I have a problem with wheezing and catching my breath. Yes/No
    2. I used to take antacids for at least once a week. Yes/No
    3. I have trouble swallowing. Yes/No
    4. Sometimes I throw up and vomit blood. Yes/No
    5. I am having a problem with hoarseness in my voice. Yes/No
    6. I am losing weight and I am not even dieting. Yes/No
    7. I have had chest pain several times. Yes/No
    8. I have a chronic cough. Yes/No
    9. I get heartburn more than once a week. Yes/No
    10. My heartburn interferes with my sleep, work, exercise,
    recreation, or overall life enjoyment. Yes/No
    11. I am having a lot of dental problems. Yes/No
    12. I have a problem with bad breath, even though I brush my teeth regularly. Yes/No
    13. Sour-tasting liquid comes to my throat frequently. Yes/No

If you have answered yes to any one of the questions in Section two, then you need to consult with your Ayurvedic doctor right away. Likewise, you may have GERD or any other disease. In this case, you must consult your Ayurvedic gastrointestinal expert at Vedas Cure.


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