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Safe & Natural treatment for Acidity and Heart-Burn. The expert doctors of Vedas Cure have prepared a very scientific composition to treat the problem of Acidity & Hear-Burn

Acid Reflex & Heartburn cause severe harm to the stomach & food pipe. They cause a lot of discomforts and many people have to spend sleepless night because of hyperacidity.

Acidity & Heartburn have become common problems due to our eating & living style. Watch this presentation to know what exactly cause Acidity & Heartburn.

GERD (Gastroesophageal reflux disease) is a severe form of Gastric & Hyper-acidity issues which causes a lot of harm to the stomach, food pile and creates the problem of indigestion.

To treat the problem of Acid Reflux, it is very important to work on its symptoms. Watch this presentation to know as to what exactly are the symptoms of Acid Reflux