13 Soothing solutions to combat Nausea and Vomiting

NAUSEA AND VOMITING :  The world is full of many things which can make our stomach turn. Depending on the situation, anything from the smell of hard-boiled eggs to giving blood to opening a credit card statement can make you feel like retching. When that twisting and turning gut becomes too much to bear, you throw up. So here are certain tips which help you to keep nausea in check before you actually vomit. If it is too late and you have already lost your lunch, here are certain tips to nurse your stomach as soon as possible: – 

  1. Sip on syrup: – If you are not very nauseated, try a spoonful of golden syrup. The cola syrup concentrate used to make fizzy drinks at home which seems to work really well.


  2. Choose clear liquids: – Even if you are craving for food, stick to clear liquids which include tea and juice. Drink the liquid at warm or room temperature, not very cold so as to avoid further shock and distress to your stomach. Drink not more than 30 to 60 ml at a time. One of the good choices is peppermint tea: mint has a very relaxing effect on the stomach.


  3. Try a flat fizzy: – As experts are always against cold and carbonated drink. So leave fizzy drinks which includes cola, ginger ale or lemonade to stand until flat and lukewarm. To speed up the process always stir the drink until it goes flat.


  4. Eat starchy foods first: – If you want to eat something and your nausea is not too bad, eat light carbohydrates in small amounts – toast or crackers for instance. Slowly and gradually as your stomach starts to settle, graduate to a light protein which includes chicken breast or fish. You should keep fatty foods at the very last to your diet. If your problem is not nausea but vomiting, you can start with jelly and then you can follow the progression described above to introduce other foods back in your diet.


  5. Take some medicine: – Pepto-Bismol is good for your stomach upsets which are caused by indigestion. It is slightly constipating, so it may help if you have associated diarrhea. Other antacids may also help too but to avoid aspirin-containing so-called stomach settlers like Alka-Selzer, which can irritate an inflamed stomach further.


  6. Find relief in the meadow: – The herb meadowsweet is really effective in reducing nausea. You can have a soothing cup of meadowsweet tea, all you need to do is mix a tablespoon of dried herb per cup of boiling water and seep it for around 5 to 6 months before straining. Then sip down slowly. Rosemary is another good herb to add to the mixture.


  7. End it all: – One of the most effective ways to stop nausea is to let yourself vomit. At the very least you will gain a temporary relaxed feeling. However, we don’t recommend making yourself vomit.


  8. Replace vital fluids and nutrients: – Anyone who is vomiting a lot needs to avoid becoming dehydrated. As you lose a lot of fluid in vomiting you can drink water, tea and weak juices to replace them. Lucozade, Dioralyte or juices like apple or cranberry also help to replace nutrients flushed out through vomiting. The sugar and electrolytes in non-diet colas and lemonade make them a suitable alternative to things like Lucozade and Dioralyte. Children especially may prefer the taste but don’t forget to stir out the fizz.
  9. Sip – don’t gulp: – Sipping fluids in tiny swallows let your irritated stomach to adjust. So always try to sip your liquid while gulping it.


  10. Check your urine: – If your urine comes out to be dark yellow in color it confirms that you are not drinking enough. The paler it gets the better measures you are taking to prevent dehydration.


  11. A herbal soak: – A herbal foot or hand soak can be really very soothing to a person who is vomiting. Mix a tablespoon of freshly grated ginger root or powdered ginger with a liter of hot water and let it cool down. Then soak your hands or feet in the soothing liquid until the vomiting subsides.        

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