What are symptoms of GERD? 

When you have GERD, you might feel certain changes in your body. You need to notice each minute symptom. Sometimes the patients are not able to diagnose their symptoms. They are unable to tell their present medical condition along with their medical history. This can be a problem for the Ayurvedic doctors in prescribing the treatment. Before consulting an Ayurvedic doctor you must be aware of your present medical condition. This helps the doctors to understand your condition and suggest the best treatment. 

Vedas Cure is stacked up with multiple Ayurvedic treatments. We have treatment for all the ailments with the goodness of natural herbs. Our treatments are free of any side effects with many side benefits. The herbal ingredients will strengthen your body from within and will detoxify your body. You can easily consult our Ayurvedic doctors for any query or any question related to any ailment or treatment. We suggest you be prepared with some questions before consulting our Ayurvedic doctor. As this will help our team a lot in suggesting you the best treatment.    

Some of the questions, symptoms or your present medical condition which you should be aware of are as follows: – 

Our Ayurvedic doctors may ask you the following questions which might be related to symptoms of GERD: – 

  • Where is the location of the pain or heartburn?
  • Is there a time of day when it seems to be worse?
  • Does it flare up if you lie down after a big meal?
  • Do you have any problem with a vomitous taste in your mouth or with actual vomiting?
  • Are you vomiting any blood?
  • Do you experience any difficulty with swallowing food material?  
  • Are you experiencing any hoarseness or chronic throat clearing?
  • Do you experience any problem with chronic sinus infections? 
  • Have you had any weight loss? 

After knowing the answer to the above following questions. Our Ayurvedic doctor will do the physical examination and see if that tracks your complaints along with various symptoms for GERD

Your medical history will also help the doctor to evaluate the meaning of your current symptoms. 

The Physical examination: – 

However, our Ayurvedic doctors use to consult our patient over the phone and make a discussion. It is beneficial for many people who could not visit our Clinic. Our doctors suggest the best treatment without ever seeing you or touching you. You won’t have to leave your home even. But in real-world, those who want to visit our clinic and want to meet our doctors are warmly welcomed.   

Our Ayurvedic doctor needs to see you observe your appearance and behavior and do a physical examination to see if it corresponds to your complaints. He will need to touch you to find any areas that cause you pain or that don’t feel right to him. For example, does, the area where you often feel pain seem exquisitely sensitive right now, or is it an on-and-off problem? How also needs to ask questions that may sound to you as if they have nothing whatsoever to do with digestion. Also, they may not! You might go in thinking the problem is your stomach when the problem is really “referred pain”, which is pain that emanates from another part of the body.

The Ayurvedic doctor is viewing you as a human being comprising interrelated and interdependent systems. You have a heart, lungs, brain, kidneys, and other organs. Your problem could stem from your esophagus – or it could be a whole other ball game. 

In most cases, the physical examination of a patient with GERD only is unremarkable unless there are problems such as wheezing, or bad breath or dental problems – all possible indicators of GERD. The physical examination is used mainly to exclude other possible problems or complications. 

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