Treatment of Acidity by vedas cure

Treatment of Acidity

Treatment of Acidity 


Here we are going to discuss the Treatment of acidity. We will also see how does acidity challenges our day to day life. Due to our changing lifestyle, we are surrounded by multiple medical disorders, out of which acidity is amongst them. Our eating habit plays a major role in our overall health. Some of the ailments arise due to our eating habits and acidity is among one of them. Every one of us has experienced acidity especially when you consume a heavy meal. It can be easily seen in youngsters, adults and now slowly and gradually even teenagers are under acidity arrest. The reason behind this is the people, consume a heavy and spicy meal and go to their bed for sleep. You must have seen teenagers sitting on their comfy couch and enjoying their hamburgers with chips and cold drinks.

Our lifestyle has become so sedentary that we have kicked off exercise from our day to day routine. Most of us spend their day sitting on a chair with minimal movements. This is the only reason why we are experiencing health issues in our early days of life. You can easily find a teenager suffering from acidity as he is continuously gobbling up noodles in his breakfast, enjoying pizza and croissant in his lunch ending up with chicken and carbonated drinks in his dinner. The next day you will find him yelling in pain and complaining about his acidity and regurgitation.

Acidity affects our daily life –


Acidity has become a common problem among adults, youngsters, and now even teenagers. So, it is always suggested that go for the natural Ayurvedic treatment to treat your acidity. The natural ingredients are not harsh on your vital organs and even don’t give you any side effects. The ingredients help to cope with the vital organs like esophagus, throat, and the inner lining of your stomach by the effect of strong HCL. They are also helpful to curb the excessive production of gastric acids in the stomach and relieve the acidity symptoms.

If you want an Ayurvedic treatment which is loaded with all the above goodness. You will be glad to know that Vedas cure Pvt. Ltd. has the best acidity treatment. Vedas Acidity Cure is the best Ayurvedic treatment for acidity which is composed of 100% natural herbs. Vedas Acidity Cure is in powder form which you have to consume two times a day. You can easily consume the treatment with water or as directed by our Ayurvedic doctors.

At Vedas Cure, our Ayurvedic experts are there to give you the best suggestion for your acidity treatment. Moreover, you can easily raise your query and clear your doubt regarding your treatment along with your medical condition.

Along with the treatment, our experts will also suggest the best diet and exercise throughout your treatment. This will help you in coping with your acidity symptoms and will strengthen your body and don’t allow your acidity symptoms to reoccur in the future. After consuming Vedas Acidity Cure the best Ayurvedic treatment for acidity, you can enjoy your meal with no acidity symptoms and can lead a healthy and confident life.


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Acidity Treatment

Acidity which is medically termed as acid reflux or gastroesophageal reflux or GERD. It is a quite common issue which you can experience in your day to day life. Acidity treatment is necessary to combat the symptoms of acidity.

One can experience the acidity in all ages, class, and all community. Acidity can be explained as a combination of symptoms.

Let us have a look at how does a person experiences acidity. Our stomach contains hydrochloric acid (HCL), which is a strong acid, helps in breaking down the food material and to keep an eye on the pathogens which enter our body. The endometrial lining present helps in protecting the delicate stomach from the acid. The esophagus or food pipe do not have any lining. So, when the food material travels up the food pipe to the mouth it causes burning chest discomfort popularly known as heartburn.

This generally happens when the muscles residing at the bottom of the food pipe becomes weak or loosen up. The most common symptom of acidity or acid reflux includes heartburn. Most people often confuse heartburn with heart, but it has nothing to do with your heart. Heat burn gets worse while you are in sitting or lying position.

Now, if a person experiences symptoms of acidity or acid reflux for more than two-three times in a week it results in GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease). However, acidity is not a serious issue it is easily treatable with healthy lifestyle changes, medications or by including both.

Ayurvedic Treatment for Acidity

Acidity is the most common problem which is affecting the well being of the person.

Vedas Acidity cure includes all the Ayurvedic ingredients which include giloy, sankh pushpi, rakt chandan, gokhru dana, makoy beej, chitrak mool, laung, amaltas, amla, gulabphool, elaichi (chhoti), saufn, bael-patra, mulethi, brahmi, punernava mool, apamarg and vidarikand. All these ingredients help to regulate the gastric fire without any side-effect on the internal lining of your stomach.

Vedas Acidity Cure also ensures to control excessive acid formation and provide relief from heartburn. The ayurvedic ingredients present help in balancing the stomach acid and digestion naturally. According to Ayurveda, those people with pita dosha imbalance are much more prone to acidity.

So, treat your acidity with our Vedas Acidity Cure, the most unique herbal composition for acidity treatment which is 100% natural and composed of all the natural ingredients and has no side effect.