Who gets GERD?

Who gets GERD?

GERD can easily affect both men and women. Although the age of onset has a relation with gender. According to one study in 1999, which was done on 2,000 chronic heartburn sufferers. It revealed that women reported the onset of heartburn at an older age (thirty-five years) in comparison to men(twenty-nine years). Many athletes suffer from GERD, particularly weight lifters and runners. Infants and children may also experience severe chronic heartburn and too often the illness goes untreated when a child suffers.

Who is most prone to develop GERD

According to one study reported in 1999, Archives of Internal Medicine has identified different perceived causes of severe heartburn for men and women. Women were 70 percent more likely to identify stress within the family as a key participant to heartburn. On the other hand, men were 24 percent more likely to view long working hours as the problem and 50 percent more likely to view business travel as the cause.

Some researchers also found a male/female difference in dietary patterns that probably affected their heartburn. Men were 64 percent more likely to report alcohol as a precursor to their heartburn. Women, on the other hand, reported that they had a great problem while eating food that induces heartburn, such as chocolate, fatty foods along with tomatoes.

Moreover, according to one study on heartburn. The heartburn products sold in supermarkets. A report was published in Progressive Grocer Magazine. We can even look further at the demographics of those suffering from acid reflux. According to there data, we know that middle-class managers and professionals are the heaviest consumers of antacids. Also, homeowners with houses valued at more than $70,000 are harder hit with GERD than no homeowners or homeowners with less expensive houses.

Heavy antacids users are also more likely to live in suburbia than in a big city. Married adults with children tend to be bigger purchasers of heartburn products than single childless individuals.

According to some several other studies: –

Some other studies have revealed that about half of all the GERD sufferers are between the ages of forty and sixty-four; however as we have mentioned earlier, children and the elderly may also suffer from GERD.

If you had reflux symptoms as an infant or child (you can ask it from your mother, if you don’t have any idea), then you are more likely to have GERD when you are an adult. This was according to a study done in Atlanta on 400 patients and presented in a paper at the Digestive Diseases Week Conference in 2000 by Mark J. Feiler and his colleagues.

Here are a few comparisons. We took them from the data by our researchers

Symptoms as Adult Nonrefluxers
Children Refluxers

Abdominal/chest pain 21% 11%
Dysphagia (trouble 23% 13%
Underweight 20% 12%
Spitting up as an infant 9% 4%

Why do these people get GERD?

We can only speculate about why these group of people is so plagued by heartburn. It could be too much fast food. When combined with smoking, drinking or other habits that are contributors to worsening GERD. Although stress doesn’t cause GERD, but it can make the symptoms worse. We also know that medications and certain illnesses cause GERD.

Perhaps, the stress of managing their careers, a house and children. Who knows what other responsibilities causes people to ignore their health and their mental early warning systems.


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