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vedas acidity cure


    You must have heard multiple people saying that they feel acidity in their stomach after they consumeheavy meals. Let us understand what acidity is? Our stomach secretes hydrochloric acid, it is a digestive juice which helps down in breaking the food particles into their smallest form to aid inparticles into their smallest form to aid in digestion. When the amount of hydrochloric acid exceeds in ourstomach it is well known as acidity. This condition mainly arises when we consume food which has high acid content in it.

    Symptoms Of Acidity

    Heart Burn

    Chest pain

    Sour taste in the mouth

    Trouble swallowing



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    Treatment for acidity

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    Introducing Vedas cure Treatment

    Acido Care

    • Provides relief from acidity and
    • Bloating Improves the functioning of the gastric system
    • Natural Antioxidants Help the body
    • Destress relieves heartburn